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Ross Rental Cars

Ross Rental Cars offers complete mobility packages for personal and business use.

Ross Rental Cars’ goal is to become the biggest car rental company in the Caribbean area based on her values: reliability, clarity and safety.

Ross Rental Cars gives you a clair offer without hidden pitfalls or surprises, modern cars and good services. Ross Rental Cars is there to please you.
We serve your ride!


Our mission is to be perceived as the most innovative and customer-oriented car rental company that offers mobility products in Suriname that make customers confident that RRC is their best choice.


Ross Rental Cars wants to mark itself by offering an optimal product for a competitive price.

Ross Rental Cars



Kwattaweg 264/ Paramaribo-Suriname
 M: (597) 8649504 Whatsapp/ (597) 8568668 Whatsapp
         O: (597) 465900     

F.D.Rooseveltweg 526/ Willemstad-Curacao

M: (5999) 5136678 Whatsapp
        O: (5999) 7886678 



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